Best Sewing Machine For Seamstress

Sewing machine for seamstress is not for the hobby sewers. Sewing can be a hobby as well as an earning source. The hobby sewers occasionally sew, do some repairs and mending. Hobby sewers can use any normal sewing machine. It will work.

But if you are making sewing as a source of earning then you have to choose your sewing machine wisely. The seamstress use sewing as a business. To run a sewing business you have to select best sewing machine for business.

Choosing the best sewing machine for seamstress is kind of difficult. There are so many sewing machines available in the name of best industrial sewing machine. But every sewing machine can not be used as a sewing machine for seamstress.

If you are looking for a best sewing machine for seamstress then you have to look for various guide to select your best heavy duty sewing machine.

In this post I have listed some great sewing machine for seamstress, you can go through it. It may help you to choose the best sewing machine for you.

Singer 9980

For professional sewers the Singer 9980 will probably one of the best choice. As it has so much to offer at a competitive price range and it is also a good investment.

This is a feature rich sewing machine and to your surprise its also a portable sewing machine.

The Singer 9980 sewing machine has loads of features which helps you to accomplish your creative dreams and goals.


  • Automatic needle threader
  • Presser foot sensor
  • Mirror imaging and elongation function
  • 820 built in stitches
  • Top drop in bobbin system

It has 820 built in stitches. The stitches include 10 basic stitch, 21 stretch, 776 decorative and 13 fully automatic 1 step buttonhole. It also includes 5 block, script alphabet and numerals.

The built in buttonholes are 1 step buttonholes which provides perfect results. It is also capable of making perfect buttonholes on multi layer fabrics.

It has presser foot sensor which ensures the presser foot on the perfect position to make an easy start. That means the machine will not start sewing if the presser foot is raised as a result thread bunching chance will be less.

By using the mirror imaging and elongation function you can mirror image any selected stitch. You can also add more stitch variety. You can make the selected stitches up to 5 times longer.

It has 5 built in alphabets. By using this you can personalize by adding name or phrase with the multiple lettering and number style. The stitch width is 5mm.

You can view all your selected stitch, length and width, settings, tension, recommended presser foot and many thing on the large back lit LCD screen.

Threading the needle is easy. Just follow the the diagrams printed on the machine. The top drop in bobbin also allows the user for easy in and out threading and thread monitoring.

You also get 13 presser feet with this machine. These are all purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot with exclusive under plate, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, over casting foot, darning/embroidery foot, narrow rolled hem foot, button sewing foot, quarter inch foot, open toe foot, walking foot, cording foot.

It is a high speed sewing machine able to sew at the rate of 850 stitches per minute. That means you can finish more projects in less time.

If you are a seamstress and you are doing decorating and and design work more then this machine is for you. It is not a heavy duty like other machines in the list, but it can be used making decoration on fabrics than others in the list.

  • High sewing speed
  • Easy to use
  • More built in stitches
  • Built in sewing assistance
  • Provides more accessories
  • Mirror imaging features
  • Can be confused with so many features

SINGER 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Singer 9960 is one of the best sewing machines for seamstress who are on the way of starting their own sewing business. This machine will lift your creative ideas up which will help you to live your life artistically.

It is a high-speed sewing machine but also comes with easy-to-use features. So that a beginner can also handle this machine easily.

The heavy-duty metal frame inside the machine gives stability and strength to the machine to perform at such a high speed efficiently.


  • Built in needle threader
  • 600 built in stitches
  • Easy stitch selection
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Heavy duty metal frame

The SINGER 9960 sewing machine comes with 600 Built-In Stitches which includes 5 Alphanumeric Fonts and 13 built-in 1-Step Buttonholes with Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate. It also has mirror imaging and stitch elongation which allows the you to add more creative possibilities to your design.

The Singer 9960 sewing machine is a high-speed sewing machine having maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. With help of this you can sew a greater number of clothes in less time. With the speed control option, you can always control the speed.

It has top drop in bobbin system, so it is easy to insert the bobbin. The built-in needle threader helps in effortless threading of the needle.

It is easy to select your desired stitch from the one touch stitch selection. You just simply touch the button for the stitch you want and start sewing.

This machine comes with electronic twin needle settings. This function reduces stitch width for sewing with a twin needle so the needles clear the presser foot while sewing. This is helpful in stitches other than straight stitches.

This machine also comes with long extension table. It provides a larger working space, which is useful for quilting or when working with larger projects.

The Singer 9960 sewing machine is constructed with heavy duty metal frame. It adds the stability and durability to the machine.

  • High sewing speed
  • Easy to use
  • 600 built in stitches
  • Built in needle threader
  • Provides more accessories
  • Mirror imaging features
  • Can be confused with so many features

Janome HD 3000

If you want to start your own sewing business this must be a great invest. The Janome HD3000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine specially made for heavy sewing work.

It is so much easy to handle that a beginner can operate it without any difficulty.

It is made up of a heavy-duty Aluminum body that means there is a heavy-duty metal frame inside it to handle all the rough and tough.


  • Automatic needle threader
  • Easy stitch selection
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Heavy duty metal frame

Threading the needle with this machine is damn easy. Automatic needle threader means no more straining in eyes.

The top loading bobbin system is also jam free. It saves you from running out of edge of your project.

Selecting the desired stitch is easy with this machine. There is a stitch selection dial. To select the desired the stitch you just need to turn the stitch selection dial. You can see your selected stitch will appear in red flip up stitch panel.

It i also very much easy to adjust the presser foot pressure. To get it adjusted just turn of dial. You will stitch a variety of fabric thickness.

You can also make it a free arm sewing machine to sew pant legs and shirt sleeves and other stuffs easily.

The Janome HD3000 is also a high-speed sewing machine. The maximum sewing speed of the machine is 860 stitches per minute.

It has 18 built in stitches, which you can use to design your garments.

The machine is a heavy-duty sewing machine. It is suitable for little to medium work load. It can’t sustain heavy work load. If you are a seamstress and just started your business, and also don’t want to invest much on a sewing machine. Then this is what you can opt for. You can upgrade to an industrial sewing machine later on.

The company is also providing necessary accessories like horizontal spool pin, 7-piece feed dog, plastic bobbins, A Hard Case/Cover, Ultra Glide Foot, 2 Packs of Leather Needles, a Pack of Universal Needles, a Pack of Bobbins, Blind Hem “G” Foot, Overedge “C” Foot, Rolled Hem “D” Foot, Zipper “E” Foot, Buttonhole “B” Foot. It also comes with Automatic Buttonhole “R” Foot, a Pack of Needles, Screwdriver, Small Screwdriver, Spool Holder (Large), Spool Holder (Small), Lint Brush, Seam Ripper, Additional Spool Pin, Bobbin, Quilter Bar, Felt, Foot Control/Power Cord.

  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • High speed
  • Can sew thick layer of fabrics
  • Here’s fourth
  • Up to N
  • Difficult to handle frequent heavy load on daily basis

Juki DDL 8700

This machine from Juki is an industrial lock stitch machine. This machine is specially built for heavy duty and industrial purpose.

If you are a professional sewer and continuously works on manufacturing and repairing different types of projects, then this machine will be best for you.

This machine is expert in handling every type of fabrics with an ease from light, medium to heavy weight fabrics, this machine will do it for you.

This is a very powerful sewing machine for professional sewers and seamstress.


  • 110-volt servo motor
  • Can sew 5500 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm
  • Automatic lubricating full rotatory hook lubrication.
  • 11-inch arm space from neck to needle.
  • Large sewing table.

The Juki DDL 8700 is a high-speed sewing machine. It can sew at a maximum speed of 5500 stitches per minute and the maximum stitch length is 5mm.

You will be able to sew larger number of fabrics with a large throat space provided. It 10.5” of throat space.

The throat plate contains marker grooves with different seam width for every reference.

At the time of sewing thicker fabrics, you need to exchange the throat plate and feed dogs for thick ones.

The built-in bobbin winder winds bobbins quickly.

It is having a servo motor. Servo motor is less noisy. It consumes up to 70% less energy than the clutch motor. It is also cooler than the clutch motor. In servo motor you have an option to adjust the speed of the motor between 0 to 3300 RPM.

It comes with a large 22”X47” sewing table. With the large sewing table, it will be easy for you to sew large fabrics.

Juki is famous for making most reliable industrial sewing machines. This one is also following the same path. This machine will be a treat for someone who does heavy sewing daily. At first you may face some difficulties in sewing with such a high-speed machine but with time you will be habituated with it.

You will get lots of accessories with this machine like 0.5 HP motor, sewing table, tools, 6 extra piece of bobbins, 1 bobbin winder, 10 extra needles, oil pan with machine oil, machine belt guard, v belt and knee lifter.

  • Good for professional purpose
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Less noisy
  • Can control the sewing speed
  • Cant sew thick layers of leather
  • Only do straight stitch
  • Not portable
  • Heavy weight

Juki DDL 8100E

Like the Juki DDl 8700, this Juki DDl 8100E is also an industrial sewing machine specially designed for professional and heavy-duty purpose.

The Juki DDL 8100E comes un-assembled with sewing machine table and 50 watt servo motor.

This sewing machine is being built specially for experienced sewers, who can wind the bobbin and thread the needle easily without any help.

This machine can handle every type of fabric from little to medium weight fabrics like cotton, wool, satin, leather, upholstery etc.


  • Can sew at a maximum speed of 4500 stitches per minute.
  • It has a 550-watt powerful motor.
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm.
  • It has a separate on-board bobbin winder.
  • Built in accessory compartment.
  • It can do reverse stitch also.

This Juki 8100E is high speed sewing machine which can sew at a maximum speed of 4500 spm.  One important point to mention is, only experienced sewers can handle such high speed. But with practice and daily use one can deal with it.

The machine also comes with a 550w DC servo motor. It is an energy saving and less noisy motor. It consumes 70% less energy than the traditional clutch motor.

If you are a professional sewer and you are handling loads of projects daily, sewing different types of fabrics, then this Juki 8100E will be best for you.

The machine is provided with a presser foot with a higher lift, a light touch stitch dial.

The machine also has extra attachment mounting seats for attachment of auxiliary parts in future.

This can only do straight stitches, which is most used stitch. Built quality of this machine is strong enough and can handle anything.

The large sewing table attached with this sewing machine is beneficial in sewing large garments. The hand pulley in the machine has been designed to attain a deep recess to allow the operator to held the pulley firmly and turn it with ease.

The juki DDL 8100E is best value for designers, home sewers, professional sewers and also for industrial use.

  • Can sew at 4500 spm
  • Heavy duty
  • Can sew medium weight fabrics
  • Provided with lot of accessories
  • Side mounted bobbin winder
  • Straight stitch only

Yamata FY 8700

This Yamata Fy 87oo has also entered the list of best sewing machine for seamstress because of its durability, reliability and speed.

The Yamata Fy 8700 is a single needle lock stitch reverse sewing machine. This is a sewing machine which can sew all types of fabrics ranging from light denim, silk and medium thick cotton materials.


  • Can sew at a speed of 5500 stitches per minute.
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm.
  • 0.5 HP powerful servo motor.
  • Heavy duty metal frame.
  • Automatic lubrication.

This machine comes with 0.5 Horse power servo motor. It provides enough power to the machine so that it can pull the needle into thick fabrics.

This machine is able to run at 1725 rotations per minute resulting sewing at a lightning speed that is at a maximum speed of 5500 stitches per minute.

The machine also comes with a 48”*20” large sewing table, which is an advantage in sewing big projects.

The machine comes as unassembled and you have to assemble it.

It has 13mm knee presser foot lift and 5mm hand presser foot lift. The maximum lift enables you to fit light and medium fabrics easily.

You can also control the sewing speed according to your need using the pressure foot pedal.

The professional sewers, the seamstress who do heavy sewing regularly can get benefited from its high speed and other feature. In starting they can get problems while handling that much high speed, but with practice they will love it.

The company also provides all the necessary accessories like thread stand, bobbin winder, oil pan, knee lifter, 5 extra bobbins, 10 extra needles, screw driver, machine oil, sewing table, heavy duty legs, servo motor and belt hardware.

  • 1750 RPM speed
  • Lightening sewing speed
  • Powerful motors
  • Can sew heavy weight fabrics
  • Heavy duty
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Straight stitch only

Singer 191D-30

Singer is also a well-known brand in the segment of producing quality industrial sewing machines as well. The Singer 191D- 30 is one of those.

The Singer 191D- 30 is a perfect sewing machine for seamstress, home sewers, home decorators, fashion designers, dry cleaners and industrial sewers. It is useful for those home sewers who sew loads of fabrics in a regular basis.

The machine is very easy to use and have extra high speed which is an advantage for the user.

One more advantage in this sewing machine is it comes as completely assembled. The complete set up is assembled in the Singer industrial assemble center in Lavergne. This complete set up includes the Singer 191d- 30 machine head, stand and motor.


  • Extra high sewing speed
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Straight sewing machine
  • It has fully automatic self-lubrication system
  • It has reverse lever
  • Large sewing space
  • It has table top bobbin winder
  • Stitch length can be adjusted
  • Presser foot pressure can be adjusted

The machine can sew at a maximum speed of 4000 stitches per minute. This enables you finish your projects in less time. You will get the professional sewing capabilities.

It comes with a powerful 0.5 HP motor. The motor gives strength to the machine, so that it can sew multiple layers of various fabrics without any lag. The motor provides enough speed to the machine.

This machine can produce only straight stitches. the maximum stitch length is 5mm.

It has fully automatic self-lubrication system. An oil reservoir is there in the machine where the motor sits. As a result, it lubricates itself while the machine is in use. A centrifugal pump is there which transfers oil from the oil reservoir. As a result, efficient high-speed sewing is produced.

It has table top bobbin winder which allows you to wind bobbins while sewing. That means the machine is always ready to sew.

It has large sewing table (50”*22”) attached to it, which provides large sewing space to sew bulky projects.

It also has reverse lever. It is used to strengthen the end seams ensure quality stitches and provide stronger stitch.

It can sew medium to heavy weight fabrics, medium weight upholstery, multiple layers of denims easily.

A lot of accessories are being provided with this machine, like straight stitch foot, pack of needles, screw drivers (large, medium and small), bobbins, second spool pin, machine rest pin, oil container.

  • High speed sewing
  • Strong powerful motor
  • Automatic self-lubrication
  • Can sew medium weight fabrics
  • Reverse lever
  • Straight stitch only
  • Cant sew heavy weight materials


There are so many machine that I have not added in the list because of high price. With time I will update the post with qualified products. There are little variety in the list. You can find purely industrial sewing machines as well as some feature rich sewing machine. You can choose according to your need.

I hope you have cleared all your doubts regarding the best sewing machine for seamstress. Now choose accordingly as per your need and budget you have.

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