Top 10 Best Sewing Machines For Denim And Jeans To Buy in 2022

Best Sewing Machines For Denim And Jeans: Jeans are the most common dress for both male and female. You may have wondered to make your own jeans, but unable to do that due to lack of perfect Sewing Machine for Denim and Jeans.

If you have a good sewing machine and needle then you can make your own jeans, or denim jacket. You can definitely save some extra bucks by hemming your own jeans instead of taking it to any tailor.

Before you start stitching jeans and denims first you need to all the important tricks and tips to sew the denim. Most important thing is proper sewing machine and needles which can sew through thicker materials such as denim. Cheap sewing machines or sewing machines under 100 will not be a good choice for sewing denims.

Things To Consider In Buying the sewing Machine For Denim

If you are looking to buy a sewing machine which can sew denims and jeans without any hassle, then you need to look after certain things during buying a sewing machine. There is nothing like jeans sewing machine in the market.

A heavy duty sewing machine sew denims and jeans. Because a heavy duty sewing machine can handle thicker fabrics like denims and jeans easily.

In some sewing machines it is not mentioned that it is a heavy duty sewing machine. That does not mean it can’t handle heavier fabrics like denim.

So when you are shopping for a sewing machine for jeans and denim it is important to know what kind of features to look for because heavy-duty sewing machines are made differently than basic home.

One thing you should keep in mind that most the basic home sewing machines can hem a pair of jeans and you can make something out of the jeans by the machines with proper needle size and thread.

But if you are going to sew to sew the thick heavier fabrics more often then you need to upgrade to a heavy-duty sewing machine. This is because many basic home sewing machines have plastic gears and relatively weak motors, which can easily wear out if you are consistently sewing heavier fabrics.

If you are sewing through thick materials such as denim, then you need a needle that is  both larger and sharper than your usual universal needle. There are needles specifically made for denim, called needles for jeans.  It is a strong thick needle with a very sharp point so it can to handle the challenge of sewing denim. These needles are inexpensive and easy to find online or at your local sewing store. .

Strong Motor

The heavy-duty sewing machines that use to handle heavy and thicker fabrics such as denim and jeans must have a strong motor so it can drive the needle through thick fabric. The low cost machines have weak motors that will become weak over time.

Extra-high presser foot lift

With this extra high presser foot lift, you can fit multiple layers fabric or bulky fabrics under the presser foot with ease.

Leveling button

The leveling button is found on the general purpose foot. This is the tiny button on the presser foot. When pressed, it lifts the front of the presser foot up so that it can climb over the thickness change in fabric. It helps in sewing through the multi-layer side seam or the multi-layer bottom seam in jeans.

Product NameMax. Sewing SpeedBuilt in StitchesNo. Of ButtonholesPresser FeetCheck Price

Brother XR9500PRW
85010087 Check Price
Singer 441111001144 Check Price

Singer 4432
11003214 Check Price

Brother ST371HD
8003716 Check Price
Janome Mangolia 7318840181 Check Price
Janome HD10001513 Check Price
Singer 99608506001319 Check Price
Janome DC20148605036 Check Price
Toyota J17XL176 Check Price

Toyota J34
3416 Check Price

Best Sewing Machine For Denim And Jeans

#10. Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway



Brother XR9550PRW project Runway sewing machine is an affordable sewing machine with all the facilities and features.

Important Features

  • 165 unique built-in stitches, Including 8 Styles of 1-Step Auto-size Buttonholes.
  • 55 alphanumeric stitch functions.
  •  Super Easy Bobbin Winding System.
  •  Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves.
  •  Brightly Lit LED Work Area.
  •  Full Assortment of Accessories.
  •  Needle Position Button.
  •  Easy-to-use Needle Threading System.
  •  Jam Resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin.
  •  Hard Cover Included.

Product details

Brother is a reputed brand and premium sewing machine provider. It is a computerized sewing and quilting machine.

It is the perfect sewing machine for creating everything from clothing to home decor and also embellishing unique quilt designs. This sewing machine can also handle jeans and denims with an ease. You will love the way how it sew through the denims.

This machine also has large back-lit LCD screen which helps in providing computerized stitch selection and a unique flip stitch guide.

This Brother XR9550PRW quilting machine has 165 built in stitches which include 110 unique utility, decorative, and heirloom stitches.

It has built-in 55 alphanumeric stitches for lettering or basic monogramming. You can select one of the 8 styles of the 8 styles 1 step auto-size buttonholes. It also has over sized wide table to accommodate larger sewing projects.

This Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway is one of the best sewing machines under 250 dollars. One of the plus points of this sewing machine is it is a computerized sewing machine with so many stitch function which is very good in this price range.

#9. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed


This Singer 4411 is a heavy duty sewing machine. It has a powerful motor. It is made up of a heavy-duty metal frame. It is capable of sewing everything you throw at it.

You can redesign your garment as well as start a new project with this amazing sewing machine. It is a heavy duty, versatile and rough and tough sewing machine.

It has many facilities which make it easier to handle. It is an idea sewing machine for denim. It can handle many layers of denims without any difficulty.

It has a very good stitching speed which helps in completing a project in less time. Automatic needle threader is a very good facility in this machine which saves a lot of time during sewing. You can sew every type of fabrics with no difficulties.


  • It has top drop-in bobbin system with clear view cover.
  • It can sew 1110 stitches per minute.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It also contains automatic 4-step buttonhole.
  • It also has adjustable presser foot pressure control.
  • It is built up with heavy duty metal frame.
  • It is also included with stainless steel bed plate.

It has 11 built-in stitches which helps in designing your garment beautifully. It has 6 basic stitches, 4 decorative stitches and 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole. It is helpful in making crafts, decorating home, making new garments and many more.

It also contain 4 presser feet. These are

  • All purpose foot- It is needed in majority sewing projects.
  • Buttonhole foot- It helps in making button holes, slots for ribbon and many more.
  • Button sewing foot- It is needed to sew buttons.
  • Zipper foot- It adds the zipper, piping, coding and many more.

The easy adjustable presser for pressure controls helps in sewing lightweight fabric to heavy fabric with an ease by adjusting the presser foot pressure.

It has a powerful motor which is stronger than other conventional motor. It also can sew 1110 stitches per minute. It helps you to complete your sewing project in less time.

It an ideal machine at this price range. You can buy this if you are tight in budget and a beginner. You can do all your basic and some advanced stuff with this machine.


#8. Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


All the sewing machines from the brand Singer are good and economical. This Singer 4432 is one of those. This Singer 4452 is a heavy duty mechanical sewing machine. This Singer 4432 can handle all types of fabrics you throw at it including denims and jeans.


  • It has built in 32 stitches.
  • Built in 1 step buttonhole.
  • Built in needle threader.
  • It can sew at a speed of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • Top drop in bobbin system.
  • Heavy duty metal frame.
  • It has reverse sewing facility.


It has stainless steel bed plate which helps in easy fabric feeding. It can handle multiple layers of fabric. It has a separate dial for adjusting stitch length.

The Singer 4432 comes with 32 in-built stitches including 6 basic stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 18 decorative stitches and a one-step buttonhole.

It has a powerful motor which makes it superior to its competitor. Singer claims it has 60% heavier motor than its competitor which helps it to sew through heavyweight fabrics with ease. It is a heavy duty sewing machine and has a metal frame.

It is most user-friendly sewing machine for a beginner as well. It can sew any type of fabrics from denim to canvas. It can sew multiple layers of nylon webbing with an ease. This amazing sewing machine can sew 8 layers of denim with an ease.


#7. Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough Sewing Machine


This Brother ST371HD is one of the versatile, dependable and durable sewing machine in its price range.

This machine is designed in such a way that it can handle a wide range of fabrics having different weights and thickness without any hassle.

This machine can sew multi layers of denims easily. It can sew through multiple layers of heavy weight fabrics easily.

It’s a heavy duty sewing machine. It has metal needle plate which helps to handle heavy fabrics like denims and helps in smoother feeding.

This sewing machine has heavyweight needles which are helpful in handling multiple layers of heavy fabrics

It has 37 built in stitches include utility and decorative stitches, a blind hem stitch for virtually invisible hems, stretch stitches for knits, reinforcement stitches and a one-step buttonholer that creates buttonholes automatically sized to fit your specific buttons.


  • It has 37 built in stitches which includes blind hem, decorative, zigzag, reinforcement and stretch stitches.
  • It has metal needle plate.
  • It also includes heavyweight needles for heavyweight fabrics such as denim and canvas.
  • It includes an easy stitch selector option.
  • Easy threading system with automatic needle threader.
  • Jam resistant quick set up drop in bobbin.


This sewing machine includes heavyweight needles which includes #16 needle for heavyweight fabrics such as denim, canvas and duck cloth; a #14 needle for sewing layers of fabric, and a #11 needle for everyday sewing and lightweight fabrics such as silk

The positive thing about this machine is it can tackle and sew heavy fabrics in multiple fabric thickness such as leather, denim and jeans. It can also sew lightweight fabrics like silk in as simple as denim.

The spring action zigzag foot is to sew thick fabrics. The built-in spring action helps the foot transition smoothly, even when sewing over thick seams.

This sewing machine is undoubtedly one of the best sewing machine for denims.

#6. Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine


The Janome Mangolia 7318 sewing machine has everything that you look for after investing 300 dollars. This is an amazing sewing machine.

You can do everything with this machine as related to sewing. It can handle multiple layers of thicker and bulky fabrics like denims under the presser foot with ease. The Mangolia is an easy to use machine even for the beginners.

The Janome Mangolia 7318 is the perfect sewing machine for all of your projects.

It You can do quilting, garment making, home decor, crafting and may more. It has 18 decorative and utility stitches easy electronic features, and the power and precision you can expect from Janome, all of your projects will get done quickly and easily. The Magnolia 7318 is the perfect machine for your lifestyle and your budget.


  • 18 built-in stitches.
  • one 4 step buttonhole.
  • Extra high presser foot lift.
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin.
  • Manual Thread Tension Dial.
  • Stitch Selection Dial.
  • Stitch Length Dial.
  • Reverse Lever.
  • Stitch Chart.

With the stitch adjustment feature you can customize your stitch length and width. Maximum stitch width is 5mm and length is 4 millimeters.

The Janome 7318 has a large easy to use reverse lever. You can sew locking stitches with this easy to reach reverse lever. You can also choose a stitch from the stitch selection dial

The convenient stitch panel on the front of the Janome 7318 shows you all the stitches at a glance with their corresponding stitch letter. You just need to turn the dial to the selected stitch indicated on the convenient stitch panel on the front of the machine.

This Janome Mangolia is one of the best sewing machine for jeans and denims. It can sew multiple layers of heavy and bulky fabrics under the presser foot with ease.

#5. Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


This Janome HD1000 is a sturdy hard machine. It is made up of Aluminium and can handle any type of fabric the user needs. the HD stands for Heavy Duty. It is a great choice for the home sewers as well as advanced level sewers. It can handle all types of fabrics like leather and denim.


  • It has 14 built in stitches and a 4 step button hole.
  • Both inner and outer bodies are made up heavy duty Aluminium frame.
  • It includes built in needle threader.
  • Drop feed is present for free motion sewing.
  • Also provides 3 pieces feed dog system.
  • Adjustable stitch length with zigzag width.
  • Hard cover is also included with this machine.
  • Can sew at the rate of 850 stitches per minute.

The Janome HD1000 is a good machine for children who wants to learn sewing. As far as reviews are concerned, this machine has very good reviews. People appreciate most because of its metal body. It can handle any type of fabric because of its metallic body.

This Janome Heavy Duty sewing machine can easily sew layers of nylon webbing. It can also sew thin layers of leather. Its a budget sewing machine.

This machine comes with an adjustment dial to set the length of stitches so that you can switch from thin to heavier fabrics with ease.

#4. SINGER 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine


This Singer 9960 Quantum stylist sewing machines is a computerized sewing machine. It is an advanced and stylish sewing machines. It has everything which you want to have in a sewing machine.

It offers a lot features at this competitive price that is under 400 dollars. It has ability to stitch leather and denim effectively.


  • It has 600 built-in stitches.
  • It has 13 built in fully automatic button hole.
  • It has 5 different fonts for embroidery projects.
  • It also has stitch ending capabilities  which allow you to control the exact location of your preferred stitch pattern.
  • It has automatic needle threader.
  • It has top drop-in bobbing system allow you to setup the machine pretty easily.
  • It also has an automatic thread cutter.
  • It has larger than average sewing space and a helpful walking foot.

This sewing machine will help you to complete your leather and denim projects in less time and easily. If you are in a tight budget then this Singer 9960 is recommended for you. It will not disappoint you.


#3. Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine



This Janome JW8100 computerized sewing machine is rough and tough, steady and highly professional sewing machine. It is a perfect sewing machine which handles your every sewing project with perfection.It very much satisfy its price.

It is worth its price due to its amazing features which helps you to finish your sewing projects with minimal efforts and in less time.

It is an amazing sewing machine with excellent stitch quality. With this machine you can quilt, make home decors, crafts, do repairs, do heavy duty sewing like sewing denim and jeans materials as well as sewing delicate materials like silk.

The machine comes with 100 built in stitches which include 20 basic and fashion, 18 quilting, 27 heirloom, 28 home decor. It also has 7 automatic buttonholes. All these stitches help to customize your project. This 100 built in stitch chart is removable.

The start stop and other buttons are very convenient to use. You can find these just right to the needle. You can choose from reverse button, locking stitch button and needle up/down button from the LCD display.

The machine can be converted into a free arm to sew small openings like sleeve and hemming pants etc.

This Janome heavy duty sewing machine also comes with handful of free exercises like 6 presser foot. These include general purpose foot, zipper foot, satin stitch foot, automatic buttonhole foot, even feed foot, 1/4” seam foot. Even food is very useful in quilting and sewing heavy fabric.


  • It has 100 built-in stitches and 7 auto button holes.
  • It has built-in needle threader.
  • It also has 7 piece feed dog.
  • Automatic thread tension control.
  • It has speed control slider.
  • It has top loading full rotary hook button.
  • It includes snap-on presser feet.
  • Removable free arm.
  • Heavy Duty interior metal frame.

The JW8100 also features the stability and dependability you expect only from a high end machine.

​This is one of the best sewing machine for Jeans materials. It can sew multiple layers of thicker and heavyweight fabrics without any difficulty.

#2. TOYOTA Super Jeans J17XL Sewing Machine



This sewing machine is from the car manufacturing company Toyota.

The company is well known for manufacturing well made and reputed cars. But it has been making sewing machines since 1946.

As the name speaks it can sew through jeans and denims with more ease.


  • It has 17 built in stitches.
  • Easy stitch selection dial.
  • A free arm convertible machine.
  • It also includes automatic needle threader.
  • Top drop in bobbin system.
  • Built in bobbin winder.
  • Retractable spool pin.

It includes gliding foot which allows the user to easily glide over multiple layers of denim. If it is 3 layers or 6 layers or 12 layers of denim, the foot glides over, multiple layers of denim without missing a stitch.

This machine has an automatic needle threader so that your eyes will not pain during the needle threading.

The Front Face Plate also doubles as a storage spot for your included Quick Guide Adviser. If you ever forget how to thread the needle or bobbin, this little reference guide will show you helpful drawings to help you remember. The J17XL even features a Free Arm for sewing pants legs, cuffs!​

This machine can sew up to 12 Layers of denim without an issue! You can sew 12 Layers of Soft Denim (12oz) or 9 Layers of Soft Denim (14oz) or 9 Layers of Hard Denim (12oz).

This Toyota super jeans J17XL has 17 built-in stitches. It is very easy to make stitch selection in this machine. It has a stitch selection dial on which stitch numbers are indicated. You just need to turn on the stitch selection dial to select the stitch group.

This Toyota super jeans J17XL is the best sewing machine for denim and jeans. This is our favorite.

#1. TOYOTA Super Jeans J34 Sewing Machine




Basically, Toyota is a company which manufactures reliable cars. It also has been making sewing machines since 1946. The machines are now available in the USA. It has 34 built-in stitches. This is another amazing machine from Toyota.

It includes gliding foot which allows the user to easily glide over multiple layers of denim. If it is 3 layers or 6 layers or 12 layers of denim, the foot glides over, multiple layers of denim without missing a stitch.

This machine can sew up to 12 Layers of denim without an issue! You can sew 12 Layers of Soft Denim (12oz) or 9 Layers of Soft Denim (14oz) or 9 Layers of Hard Denim (12oz).


  • 34 Built-In Stitches including Utility Stitches, Stretch Stitches, Blind Hem Stitches, Decorative Stitches, Applique Stitches, Overlock Stitches, a 4-Way Smocking Stitch, a Triple Reinforced Straight Stitch, a Triple Reinforced Zig Zag Stitch and a 4-Step Buttonhole Stitch.
  • It has automatic needle threader which helps in threading the needle.
  • It can also be made a free arm sewing machine which helps in sewing collars and cuffs.
  • it can handle all types of fabrics with an ease from thin fabrics to heavy fabrics like denim and leather.
  • It can sew 12 layers of denim easily.
  • It can also sew leather easily. You can sew leathers for your basic purpose not for industrial purpose.

It is a handy sewing machine for beginners who wants to sew heavy fabrics. It costs under $400. It is an ideal choice if you are a beginner and also wants to sew leather and denim.


​The long article on Best sewing Machines For Jeans and Denim ends here. I have written with my knowledge and research. You can give your opinion about this in the comment section below.

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