Top 10 Best Sewing Machines Under $100, Affordable Sewing Machines

Are you a beginner who has just started to think about sewing and in search of Best Sewing Machines under $100?

Well… You are in the right place.

Many of you have just planned to start a sewing project and you don’t want to spend much to get started. You may be searching for a beginner sewing machine.

If you are a novice in sewing then I will not recommend you to spend more bucks on the sewing machine. To learn sewing you can just start with a best affordable sewing machine under your budget.

For this you must have someone to guide you in selecting the Best Starter sewing machine 2016. So here I will give you a list of best and Cheap Sewing Machine for Beginner.

If you are experienced sewer and wants to make leather bags then you can check Best Sewing machines For leather Purse.

Hence without wasting more time… here is Top 10 best Sewing Machine under $100.

Hence without wasting more time… Let’s get started!

Best Sewing Machine Under 100 dollar

1. Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is one of the best sewing machine under 100 dollar. It has some amazing features which will be helpful in your daily sewing.

This Magicfly sewing machine has 12 built in stitch patterns including straight stitches, zigzag stitches which perfectly fulfil your daily everyday sewing needs. To select the desired stitch pattern you just have to adjust the button to the corresponding number.

The machine comes with 3 replaceable presser foot for different types of sewing like sewing buttons, sewing zippers, sewing invisible zippers.

The most important feature it has in this price range is back sewing option. You can the reverse the sewing when in need. To do this just press the button and you are done.

The sewing machine is equipped with 3 types of thread for fabrics of different thickness. So it comes with 3 sizes of sturdy and durable needles. Size 80/11 to use on lightweight fabrics; Size 90/14 to use on medium weight fabrics max to 2mm thick; Size 100/16 to use on heavyweight fabrics.

The company also provides a bunch of accessories. Keeping your needs in mind the beginner sewing machine comes with a complete set of spool accessories which you can use after receiving the sewing machine; The tape measure is good partner for sewing and the foot pedal is easier for sewing.

The sewing machine is very easy to operate. You can thread the machine easily by using the threading guide printed on the machine. There are also clear instructions and operation videos to help you easier create your artwork and answer frequently asked questions. Whether you are a beginner or a sewing enthusiast, you can easily operate this machine.

The Magicfly sewing machine is a small size sewing machine and perfect for gift for your friend and family. It is a must buy sewing machine under 100 dollars.

#2. DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine


This Donyer electric sewing machine some really notable features which you like to have under 100 dollar. This is best sewing machine for kids and beginner.

This has 12 preset stitch patterns which help the beginners to learn and complete more complex projects within time. You can use these stitches to sew lines of different sizes, pattern stitching, lock stitching, buttonholes, etc.

The machine has 2 speed option, high and low. It has hand switch or foot pedal which is suitable for sewing beginner and complex projects.

The electric sewing machine has built in needle threader. The user can also adjust the stitch length and width while sewing.

This budget sewing machine can also be converted into a free arm sewing machine. The free arm function is very useful in sewing collars, cuffs etc. The machine also provides on board accessory storage.

This little sewing machine can really do magic. You can use this sewing machine to make coat for yourself or designing coat for your home furniture. This is a good gift for kids and beginners.

That does not matter if you are sewing for years or not this cute little sewing machine will surely attract you.

#3. SINGER M1000 Sewing Machine


The Singer M1000 is one of the best mending machine for beginners. It is very lightweight and portable to carry anywhere.

This mechanical sewing machine is meant for sewing light weight fabrics. It has 32 essential applications which helps the beginner to repair their clothes and fulfill other sewing requirements.

The SInger M1000 can also be converted in to free arm sewing machine which is useful in sewing dress shirt cuffs or dress hems. The top drop in bobbin system easily insert and monitor the bobbin thread supply.

The reverse lever option sew stitches in reverse. It is an important feature which secure a seam at the beginning and end to prevent unraveling.

The Singer M1000 is a mechanical sewing machine. It can be operated and controlled manually. Mechanical sewing machines are easy to use and maintain.

The Singer mending machine is only 2.5kg in weight. It is a lightweight, portable sewing machine. It is very easy to set up and use. The machine will do mending works on lightweight to medium fabrics only. It can not handle thicker fabrics.

#4. Kylinton Sewing Machine

This is a beginner sewing machine from Kylinton. It is also one of the best sewing machine for kids.

This electric sewing machine comes 12 built in stitches. This multi function sewing machine includes straight, blind, zigzag stitches and 4 steps buttonhole. These built in stitches are very much useful for beginners.

This machine also has speed control option. You can easily control the operation of the sewing machine. It has some essential features like automatic sewing, reverse sewing, tube sewing, automatic winding, etc.

You can make the sewing machine a free arm sewing machine by removing the drawer. Free arm is very much needed to sew tubular fabrics like trousers and cuffs.

The sewing machine is also equipped with work light and thread cutter. You will get a pre-installed machine from the company. You can immediately use the machine after receiving it.

It is a lightweight and compact sewing machine. It is a mini sewing machine which is very easy to carry anywhere.

Kylinton has very good customer support, which includes quick start guide, tutorial video, 24 hour stand by customer service.

This portable sewing machine is very much efficient in doing all basic sewing stuffs like home decoration, repairing clothes, making crafts, prom dresses, pet clothes etc. This cute sewing machine is one best gift option to gift someone.

#5. Aonesy Sewing Machine for Beginners

Aonesy sewing machine is a cute portable sewing machine for beginners. An experienced sewer can also use this sewing machine as backup. It is a great general-purpose machine for garments, crafts, and quilts.

This portable sewing machine comes with 20 built in stitches and a built in needle threader. The 20 built in stitches include decorative, blind hem , zippers, zig-zag, decorative stitching, quilting to experiment your creative skills.

It also has automatic one step buttonhole feature. It is very good in sewing buttonholes in shirts and coats.

You can adjust the thread tension of this Aonesy mechanical sewing machine and control the tightness of the stitch. You can tight the thread using the button. Bigger number means tighter upper thread.

You can reverse the stitch by using the back stitch button. This feature is very much useful in preventing the stitches from unraveling.

You can also make this machine a free arm sewing machine by removing the extension table. The free arm sewing is very much helpful in sewing collars, cuffs etc

This mechanical sewing machine has drop in bobbin system. It has a jam resistant bobbin. This helps in hassle free sewing.

This Aonesy mechanical sewing machine also comes with built in LED light on the work surface. It provides enough light when you sew in late night.

This sewing machine is a perfect sewing machine for beginners as well as experienced sewers.


#6. Bosszer Mini Sewing Machine 


This mini sewing machine from Bosszer is one of the best sewing machine for kids and also useful for beginners as well. This mini sewing machine is very small and compact in size.  You can store it anywhere and will occupy very minimum space. The portable sewing machine is also very easy to operate.

This Bosszer small sewing machine is light in weight but it is made up of very high quality environment friendly material, which makes the sewing machine more stable and durable. This machine also produce low noise.

The portable sewing machine has 12 built in stitches including decorative stitches, blind stitches on hem, button holes, etc. To improve your creativity and to make your work more effortless this machine also comes with thread cutter, LED lighting, automatic winding function, elastic adjustment of upper thread, reverse sewing function, double switch control, etc.

This mini Sewing machine also has a capability to sew a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, synthetic fiber, rayon, linen, cashmere, denim and wool, etc.

It is very easy to thread the machine. You can fulfill your basic sewing needs using this amazing cute sewing machine. You can sew many things using this machine such as DIY pet doll clothes , Curtains, pants, clothes, tablecloths, making your own handicrafts, etc.

This kids sewing machine also comes with a foot pedal and an automatic switch. This sewing machine is a very good choice for gifting purpose. It will be loved by everyone from kids, woman to beginners and elders.


Now end of the article. So, you must have got an idea to which sewing machine to choose. Which will be good for your projects.

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  1. Hi, I am trying to advise a group of women in Uganda on good sewing machines for their business. They sew cotton items and are looking for a machine that can take a lot of use. It must be reliable! I’ve been thinking about the Singer 4423, or Janome 2212. Reading your post, I’m also wondering about the Janome HD1000. The extra stitches of the 3000 aren’t important. Right now they sew on old Singer treadles!!

    I will be creating a fundraiser to purchase. So I want low repairs, longlasting, and price point is important.
    Thank you!
    Helen J. Regina

  2. My younger sister hasn’t sewed anything so far in her life, but She has been recently looking for a sewing machine that is not so pricey to fix some of my jeans. I bought a singer 3337 for her and haven’t t opened it but I read bad reviews on it and I’m more than likely returning it. My question here what would be a good sewing machine for what I need it for?
    Thanks for sharing such an informative article.
    Hopefully, waiting for your more article in the future.


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