How To Clean Your Sewing Machine And Sergers Effectively

This article is for those who want to clean their sewing machines and sergers easily and effectively in less time. If you have a sewing machine then you must clean the sewing machine daily to make it run smooth and sound less.

In the past we used all manual and mechanical sewing machines which were rough and tough and those were not much delicate as the present-day sewing machines. Those were easy to clean.

But the sewing machines we are using now are mostly electric and made up of delicate materials which cannot handle much roughness. So, we have to be careful while cleaning these sewing machines. And one more thing cleaning sergers with plain cotton cloth will be difficult, because it is a complicated sewing machine.

So, let’s see how we can clean Sewing machines and Segers effectively.

Tools Required To Clean The Sewing Machines

  • Soft Cloth
  • Small Soft Brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuums are really helpful in cleaning the sewing machines. You can use some of the best mini attachments for vacuums available on the market. Buy a good wet/dry vacuum to clean the sewing machine. Fit the mini attachments with the vacuum. Now open the sewing machine with help of small screwdriver. Then put the vacuum near it. Plug in the vacuum and now it will get cleaned in no time.

Since sergers cut texture as they go, they make a ton of garbage, and your serger can move toward becoming invade with lighten rapidly. A regular cleaning brush can help with this, yet it won’t get the majority of the dust in the alcoves and crevices of your machine.

You can’t generally observe it here, yet there’s a great deal of lightning behind the loopers and toward the sides of the machine. I brush out my serger each time I utilize it, yet a ton of cushions still gather. The brush connection functioned admirably to wipe out the base and sides of the machine, and also the feed dog/blade zone.

You can also use a mini vacuum or handheld vacuum to clean your sewing machine. A USB powered mini vacuum will really work well. You can connect the mini vacuum to the mobile charging vacuum. Just remove the thread from the sewing machine and clean it with a soft cloth. Remove the presser foot and needle and remove the stitch plate. Remove the bobbin case and take out the bobbin. You can use a small brush to clean the bobbin. Now use the mini vacuum. The flexible tip on the vacuum can reach most of the tight spots. Now they do the rest of the work with a small brush. Then oil the sewing machine if needed. Put the presser foot back on and a new needle in… and you’re good to go. You need to clean your sewing machine once a week.


If you are using your sewing and sergers regularly and sew the cotton cloths a lot then you need to clean the sewing machine regularly, that means once a week. Just follow the steps to clean your sewing machine. You will definitely love to sew with your sewing machine once you clean it regularly clean it.



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