Singer Start 1304 Review 2022: Best Sewing Machine For Beginner Under Budget

The Singer Start 1304 is one of the best low budget sewing machines which can face your daily domestic sewing need effectively. This sewing machine is for those beginner sewers who want to learn sewing and don’t want to buy a sewing machine with more tricky features which will confuse them while learning.

Also, this is your choice of machine if you don’t want to spend more for a sewing machine and which is able to do all your basic sewing work.

If a sewing machine is from the Singer brand, then you need not to worry about the durability. Because the sewing machines from Singer are all rough and tough machines and this is no different.

If you are an experienced sewer or intermediate one then this machine is not for you and you can skip this post. But if you have anybody at your home, any friend and relative who wants to put their hand in sewing then you can definitely recommend this article to them. As the Singer 1304 is a beginner friendly sewing machine.

The price of the Singer 1304 sewing machine is low that does not mean it has compromised with the build quality or performance. No my friend, it has everything you need as a beginner.

Many sewing machines are being manufactured keeping the beginner’s need in mind. But the sewing machines from Singer are known for their strong build quality which can handle any rough and tough.

Singer has manufactured many idea sewing machines for beginners like Singer 4432, Singer 4411, Singer Tradition 2277. These machines are best in their own ways.

This Singer 1304 is very easy to set up and use. It also comes with some useful and valuable accessories. So without wasting much time lets starts discussing the features and specifications of this Singer 1304 sewing machine.

Singer Start 1304 Review

This sewing machine from Singer has 6 basics built in stitches. These are 1 Straight Stitch, 1 Satin Stitch, 1 Zigzag Stitch, 1 Blind Hem, 1 Scallop, 1 Buttonhole. You can stitch your preferred by rotating the stitch selecting dial provided with the machine.

From these built-in stitches, you can use the straight stitches for basic sewing, for sewing simple applique you can use zigzag stitches, use blind hem stitches for fixing a hem. you can sew almost every material using this machine. You also enjoy your creativity.

The speed of Singer 1304 sewing machine is also very good. It can sew at a speed 300-400 stitches per minute.

You do need to worry about setting the stitch length and stitch width. These are preset. Now a beginner will not face any problem while selecting the stitch length and width. No matter if you are a hobbyist or a beginner, this machine will suit you.

Adding buttonholes to clothes is easy. You can add buttonholes on the pillows and other clothes in just 4 easy steps.

You can this sewing machine a free arm machine by removing the extension table. The free arm machine is useful in hemming trousers, sleeves and some other important stuffs.

It is very easy to thread machine. Twin needle sewing is easy and quick with the help of two vertical spool pins.

There is no doubt that this Singer 1304 is long durable sewing machine which will last long. The internal frame of the sewing machine made up of a heavy-duty metal frame that holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for skip-free sewing and overall durability.

The Singer is also providing 3 types of presser feet which include all-purpose foot, button hole foot and zipper foot.

You can add buttonholes, create slots for ribbon and more using buttonhole foot. The all-purpose foot is used for majority of sewing projects. The zipper foot is used for adding zippers, piping, cording and more.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to thread
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Can handle some thicker fabrics
  • Affordable
  • Less built in stitches
  • Not a feature rich machine
  • Not suitable for advance sewers

Features And Specifications Of Singer 1304

The Singer 1304 has amazing features which will fulfill all your daily basic needs, which is amazing at this price range. Let’s have a look at the features and specifications of Singer Start 1304.

6 Built in Stitches

The Singer Start 1304 has 6 built in stitches which is quite less, but at such a low price what can you expect. The 6 built in stitches consists of 1 Straight, 1 Satin, 1 Zigzag, 1 Blind Hem, 1 Scallop and 1 4-Step Buttonhole.

The straight stitch is meant for normal basic stitches, for sewing simple applique you can use zigzag stitch, Blind hem stitch will be helpful in fixing hems. Making buttonholes is easy with the use of 4 step buttonholes.

Easy and Quick threading

Threading the machine is damn easy. If you stuck at any point, you can take the reference of the threading diagram printed on the machine and do accordingly.

This will help you to get started at any time.

Heavy Duty Metal frame

The internal skeleton of this sewing machine is made up of a heavy-duty metal frame. The metal frame holds the machine in perfect alignment. This will help you in sewing continuously.

The metal frame also provides sturdiness and durability. This machine will last long for years of extended use.

Dual Spool Pins for Twin Needle Sewing

If you are sewing through a twin needle then this is very much easy and quick with this machine as dual spool pins are present in this machine which makes the stitch in perfect parallel rows.

It is very good if you are hemming or doing any decorative design on your clothes.

3 Presser Feet

You are getting 3 presser feet with this machine. All-purpose foot, button hole foot, zipper foot.

All-purpose foot is being used for all the majority of sewing projects. Buttonhole foot is for adding buttonholes, slots for adding ribbon and other innovative designs to your clothes. Zipper foot is used for adding zippers, piping, cording and more.

Easy Selection Dial

A stitch dial is present on the front of the Singer 1304 sewing machine. Various stitch selection is printed on the selection dial. It is very precise and easy to use.

You can select any of the given stitches by just turning stitch selection dial in desired direction.

Preset Stitch length and Width

You do not need to adjust the stitch length and width while sewing. The stitch length and width are already preset. That means you can start your sewing at any time without thinking about the length and width of the stitch.

How To Use Singer 1304

There are some steps to start sewing with this machine. First you have to thread the machine. To thread the machine, you need to follow some basic steps. These are

1. Winding the bobbin– To wind the bobbin place the thread and spool pin felt onto the spool pin, then pass thread through the thread guide. Now wind the thread clockwise around bobbin winder tension discs. Now place the thread bobbin on spindle.

Now push the bobbin spindle to the right. Then step on the foot pedal and hold the thread end. After few turns release the foot pedal. Then release the thread and cut it close from the spool.

Now press the foot pedal again. When the spool will be full it will rotate slowly. Now release the pedal and cut the thread. Then push the bobbin spindle to left and remove.

2. Inserting the bobbin

To insert the bobbin first remove the extension table. Now remove the bobbin case. Then insert the bobbin so that the thread runs in clockwise direction. Now pull the thread until the thread clicks into the place. Insert the bobbin case into the shuttle, so that the bobbin case finger is aligned at 12 o’ clock.

Always remember to turn the power switch off while inserting the bobbin or removing the bobbin.

3. Threading the upper thread

This is very important part. If you will not do it correctly then several sewing problems may arise.

First raise the needle to the highest point. Start turning the hand-wheel counterclockwise until the needle just slightly begins to descend. Then raise the presser foot to release the tension discs.

Now place the thread and spoon pin felt onto the spool pin. Then draw thread from spool through the thread guide to the upper thread guide.

Now thread the tension module by leading thread down right channel and up left channel. Now pass thread from right to left through the slotted eye of the take up lever and then downwards again.

Now pass thread behind the thin wire needle clamp guide and then down to the needle. The last step is to pull nearly 6-8 inches of thread to the rear near the needle eye.

4. Raising the bobbin thread

Now this is very easy. To do this just hold the upper thread with left hand. Then turn the hand-wheel towards you, lowering and raising the needle.

In last just pull on the upper thread gently to bring the bobbin thread up through the needle plate hole. Both threads will lay under the presser foot.

5. Thread Tension

There are two types of tensions. Upper thread tension and lower thread tension.

Upper thread tension: Basic thread tension setting is 4. To increase or decrease tension just turn the dial next to the number up or down respectively.

Lower Thread Tension: To test lower thread tension remove the bobbin case and bobbin and hold it by suspending it by thread. Jerk it once or twice. If the tension is correct then the thread will unwind by about an inch or two. If the tension is too tight then it will not unwind at all. If the tension is too loose then it will drop too much. To adjust the tension just turn the small screw on the side of the bobbin case.


So far, we have noted down all the important features of Singer 1304 sewing machine. The is the best for beginner. As a beginner you will hesitate to spend more on a sewing machine. So, you will get all the basic features by spending just little amount.

The heavy-duty metal frame makes it durable and long lasting. This machine will perfectly handle the rough and tough use of a beginner.

You can go for this amazing machine without a second thought. Have a great day and happy sewing….


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